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  Wreck Name OSLOFJORD  
  Area Shields Harbour Beach
  Location South Pier, Tynemouth
  Lat (N) 55 00' 10.8
  Long (W) 01 23' 43.5
  Datum CHART
  Decca (N)  
  Decca (W)  
  Max Depth 11.00
  Vessel Type Liner
  Tonnage 18650.00
  Length (ft) 563
  Beam (ft) 73
  Draught (ft) 34
  Year Sank 1940.00
  How Sank Mined and beached
  Info 1 Red buoy 100yds SE of site
  Info 2 Sand bed
  Info 3 Eugenia Chandris sank on top
  Club Dived?