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The Cita

History of the Cita
The Cita was built in Germany in 1977 as the John Wulff to a size of 3,083-tonnes gross with an overall length of 90.53m (312ft), 14.53m (47ft) beam and depth in hold of 8.62m (28ft). Her name and flag were changed in 1983 to become the Lagarfoss, under the ownership of the Laga Line Ltd, managed by the Iceland Steamship Company and registered at St John's, Antigua and Bermuda in the West Indies.

In 1996 Lloyd's Register of Shipping were informed that she had again changed her name, this time to the Cita, under the ownership of Martin Shipping Company Ltd whose managers were Reederei Gerd, Germany.

She was designated as a bulk carrier motor vessel, her bow was ice strengthened due to earlier trading in northern latitudes, her superstructure was aft, she had twin funnels, two decks and was fitted with the latest electronic navigational equipment.

On March 21st 1997, she set sail from Rotterdam to the Port of London under the Polish Captain, Jerzy Wojtkow. She then left for Southampton, arriving on March 24th and sailing the next day to Belfast with a full consignment of 145 containers.
Fog closed in on the Isles of Scilly during the evening of March 25th with no expected change for 24 hours but now the sea state had increased to force 6 with mist and drizzle. At 03:35 on March 26th the follwing message was received a the Falmouth Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre:
"Vessel Cita aground in position Latitude 49.54.7N; Longitude 06.16.7W. have 9 persons on board, call sign V2QC. Taking in water, pumping out, fast in my port side and aground at the bow. 22 degree starboard list, am afriad of loss of stability. Request assistance."

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