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More Club Expedition Photos - Page 3

Small shark In this picture, our dive guide (Hamed) found a small shark caught up inside a fishermans pot.

He recovered the pot to the liveaboard and the crew managed to extract the shark and let it go back into the sea.
Here's a blue-spotted ray gently moving away from the photographer.

To the right is a picture of goatfish, a lovely close photo. It's amazing the number of fish that schoal together in these clear waters.
Moray eel A brown moray - up close and dangerous. On our 1998 expedition to the Northern Red Sea our dive guide decided it would be entertaining to tease an 8ft Moray eel out in the open water whilst we were decompressing at 10m. The moray, after much antagonism, became distressed and took several strikes at the guide - it's massive jaw, full of tiny rasor sharp teeth, narrowly missing his fins as the guide flaps about at a dangerous ascent speed towards the surface.


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