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The Chippenham Dive Club undertakes most of its diving in the UK, with occassional expeditions abroad. This page is dedicated to the sights and experiences of our own seas, lakes, reservoirs, quarries, rivers, etc. Anywhere that can be dived will be dived and has been dived. We consider ourselves reasonably adventurous and have undertaken many various diving locations.

UK Coastal Waters

Crab hiding

A lot of our diving, as with most UK-based BSAC clubs, is done in the coastal waters around the UK. Fortunately for the club the south coast is pretty close and Devon and Dorset are dived fairly regularly by the club. The clubs most used haunts are around Weymouth, Torquay (eg Babbacombe and Paignton) or further south down to Hope Cove and around the Salcombe area.

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There are many, many wrecks scattered around here and just as many nice reefs, drop-offs and pinnacles.

Regularly dived wrecks:

Regularly dived reefs:

Lakes, Reservoirs & Rivers


The usual 'converted' quarries scattered around the UK have been dived - some better than others. These sites generally offer reasonably good areas for training in 'safe' water, or working up depth training, but are neither challenging or of great interest. The sunken car here and the bus there are OK for bimbling around to get back into the new diving season but soon become uninteresting after a few visits (yet serve a valuable purpose).


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