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Gildenburgh is an inland dive site based a few miles east of Peterborough. Although the club has only dived here once it is adequate for training but not local to the club. There have been complaints about visibility and the 'ropes' between the things to view underwater. On the authors visit, the ropes were anchor to the bouys at the surface, there were no bearings on the site map - both causing consternation to the divers! If you are in the area it is still worth a dip.

Photo of Gildenburgh Here is a photo of the site:
Basically Gildenburgh (Dive-In) is a hole in the ground with a silty bottom, a cafe with adjoining small dive shop, air fill station and picnic tables. On a decent day it may be a pleasant day out; on the authors visit it was wet and windy (which is not comfortable in the very open area).



From the South:
  • Take the M4 East to J15.
  • Head north on the A419 for 25 miles.
  • Turn right into A420.
  • Turn left into A34.
  • Join the M40 at J9 and leave at J10.
  • Turn onto the A43 heading for the M1 J15a.
  • Join M1 and exit at J15, turning right onto the A45.
  • Join the A605 and Gildenburgh 'Dive-In' will be on the right hand side after 30 miles.
From the East:
  • Take the A47 West.
  • Pass through Wisbech.
  • Turn onto the A141.
  • Join the A605 heading towards Eastrea.
  • This road will take you to Eastrea where Gildenburgh 'Dive-In' is on the left hand side.
Road Map to Gildenburgh

Gildenburgh Site Map

The map shown opposite is what is given from the 'check-in' at the dive centre. At my visit to the site there were no bearings for any of the things to see and the guide ropes themselves were not found to be very suitable for divers (probably good for snorkellers though!).
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