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: 2nd August 2002
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2002: Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands

Day 9: Saturday, 27th August 2002

The Return Trip South...

Surprisingly at this hour, as instructed, everyone began to rise and finish packing the ferry trolley and getting themselves together. With no milk left, the single cream gave the tea drinkers a surprise and the few remaining slices of bread toasted to aid the sobering process. By 08:30 we were ready for the short walk over to the "ST ORA" ferry. Another tortuous drive home and finally we arrive home in Chippenham around 03:00 Sunday morning.

Friday 19th August 2002 The long drive ahead...
Saturday 20th August 2002 Finally arrive in the Orkneys & our welcome to "Shopping Week"
Sunday 21st August 2002 SMS Karlsruhe & Gobernador Bories
Monday 22nd August 2002 SMS Köln & Bottle Dive
Tuesday 23rd August 2002 SMS Markgraf & MV Radiation
Wednesday 24th August 2002 MV James Barrie, F2 and Barge - Party night !
Thursday 25th August 2002 SMS Brummer & V83
Friday 26th August 2002 SMS Dresden & Tabarka
Saturday 27th August 2002 The return trip South
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