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2000: Sicily, Mediteranean Sea

The trip to Sicily took place from Saturday 23rd September to Sunday 1st October, diving from the North West point of San Vito Lo Capo. The package was been based on 4 people sharing self catering apartments; and with flights to Palermo (via Milan) from London, Heathrow. The diving was organised through the very professional operation of:

Argonauta Diving Center Argonauta Diving Center
run by Mauro & Susan Bannetta,

Contact: Via Faro - 91010 San Vito Lo Capo (TP);
Tel: 0923 972888 / Fax: 0923 972033

Most dives were generally in the 20 - 30 metre range, but there are also good sites up to 40 metres and a 50m wreck (The Kent) for the more adventurous / experienced. Dive sites ranged from wrecks to scenic to caves and all dives were made from a hard boat.
This expedition was not intended to be a training expedition - although some final Sports Diver exercises were undertaken for the privileged few who needed it.
The expedition was organised by Stew Harper and a special thanks from all of us who enjoyed the diving:

Stew Harper Steve Thomas Gilles Faure
Simon Parker Nigel King Richard Hallett
Rick Blatchford Jason King Michael Samways


Dive No Date Dive Location Dive Time Max Depth Decompression
1 24th Sept Firiatto 55mins 20.9m 8@6m
2 25th Sept Capua (Wreck) 30mins 36.9m 5@6m
3 25th Sept Punta Leone 48mins 18.8m 3@6m
4 26th Sept Punta Negra 41mins 31.7m 15@6m
5 26th Sept Grotto Perciata 47mins 17.6m -
6 26th Sept Breakwater (Night Dive) 52mins 8.1m -
7 27th Sept Grotto Del Arco 44mins 37.9m 10@6m
8 27th Sept Grotto Di Acqua Dolce 34mins 28.3m 6@6m
9 28th Sept The Kent (Cargo Ship) 37mins 47.5m 10@6m
10 28th Sept Parete Tonnara 55mins 25.5m 6@6m
11 29th Sept Beneath the Lighthouse 44mins 16.8m -
12 30th Sept The Kent (Cargo Ship) 35mins 51.3m 6@6m
TOTALS: 7 DAYS 11 locations 8hrs / 42 mins Avg: 28.44 metres -


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