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1997: Talybont Reservoir

Forever looking for new challenges - on 6th December 1997 a few club members decided to try a dive in a known reservoir in South Wales - "Talybont Reservoir". Making the trip were Nigel and Jason King, Steve Thomas and Simon Parker.

On this overcast day we decided to try to find the old ruins beneath the surface of the reservoir. Unfortunately all we found were a few golf-balls, petrified tree stumps and VERY deep muddy silt at the bottom. Due to the marshy land surrounding the reservoir the water was extremely dark and silted up further reducing the enjoyment of the dive. Needless to say a packed lunch beneath the shelter of the trees turned out to be the highlight of the day.

Talybont Reservoir photo 1 Talybont Reservoir photo 2 Talybont Reservoir photo 3 Talybont Reservoir photo 4


Dive No Date Dive Location Dive Time Max Depth Decompression
1 6th Dec Talybont Reservoir 45mins 11.4m -
TOTALS: 1 DAYS 1 locations 45mins Avg: 11.4 m -


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