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Club Expedition Photos - Page 1

Here are some photos from some of our Club Expeditions:

This was an eerie sight to behold when we reached the seabed... When the photos were developed the view looked more like a moonscape than a coral reef. Eventhough the reefs are slowly dying some sights still remain breathtaking - above and below the surface.

Red Sea moonscape Sunset over the Red Sea
Live ammunitions shells on the Thistlegorm This scene is a chilling reminder of the ravages of war. There are still piles of live ammunition lying around the HMS Thistlegorm, the most popular wreck in the Northern Red Sea.

With easy access from both Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik many, many divers visit this location time after time. Unfortunately so-called 'sports divers' are still taking their toll on her and slowly her treasures are being taken or ruined.

These next photos were taken a year later during our liveaboard dive trip to the mid/southern Red Sea. The chance to dive the infamous Salem Express was something not to be missed. Now that the wreck / area has been opened up to sports divers it may not be long before this wreck becomes the Thistlegorm of the Mid-South Red Sea... let's hope not as it is still a recent grave. We took special care not to disturb anything either on the superstructure, or deep within the car deck.
Descent onto the Salem Express If you have an experienced guide then the car deck is a sight which will blow your mind. Several times I have tried to tell people what feelings I felt whilst hovering over the deep stacks of luggage strewn across the decks; childrens trikes, bicycles, suitcases, wheelbarrows, toys, TVs, radio cassette players, and much, much more. I expected to feel uneasy and as though I were trespassing; actually it was probably the most spiritual feeling I have ever had... so calming and such deep, inward-looking thoughts.

The Salem is so big that it can be clearly seen from the surface, over the side of the liveaboard. Once in the water the view is breathtaking and your mouth salivates at the chance of descending onto her. The photo shown to the left is of Rick and myself descending down onto the wreck.

Below is the large 'S' on the funnel (for the 'S' in Salem Express) is a photo shot for anyone's album.
Funnel of the Salem Express

A nice grin from the author of these pages, wishing you safe and environmently friendly diving wherever you dive.

Please remember to take nothing but photos and leave nothing but bubbles !

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