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Dive preparation Here's the team getting ready for the next dive;
ensuring the torches are fully charged and the cameras are loaded.
The dive buddy groups are chosen, the dive plan briefings held and now time to enter the water and dive the plan.

Onboard a liveaboard there are generally two methods of getting to the dive site; either directly from the liveaboard, or from one of its Zodiacs:
Surface A simple over the side from the liveaboard is the luxury entry method; kit on, step down onto the platform at the rear of the boat, final buddy checks and over the side... no flapping about in a Zodiac and getting all sweaty waiting in your wetsuit.

A final surface check and ready to descend.
Here we are about to go on a night dive with Zodiac support. We're taken from the liveaboard, in the Zodiac, to the dive site.

The Zodiac will stay in support of the divers throughout the dive, ready to pick us up on our ascent, and quickly return us to the boat for a lovely heated towel and nice hot cuppa.

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