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1998: North Red Sea (Hurghada)

This year saw the club ventured to the Red Sea through Red Sea Divers, for many of us our first trip out to Egypt. The members involved in this trip were:

Rick Blatchford Simon Parker Stew Harper
Nigel King Jason King

Jetting off from Gatwick to the notorious Hurghada we were eagerly awaiting the warmth of the Red Sea. Our problem was that it was early April... infamous for a little wind and still slightly nippy in the water. This was a budget liveaboard on the Princess Dalal, and we got what we paid for...just! We were joined on the Dalal by two fellow divers, Ken and ZoŽ Byrne (father and daughter) from the Hartford Sub-Aqua Club, and we all thoroughly enjoyed this budget-priced expedition to the northern wrecks and reefs of the Red Sea.

The Motley Rabble Nigel relaxing Dinner Time Sunset
Getting cameras set up Turret on the Thistlegorm (courtesy of Ken Byrne) The Ghiannis D (courtesy of Ken Byrne) Night Dive
Turtle (courtesy of Ken Byrne) Scorpion Fish (courtesy of Ken Byrne)

Ken is an avid underwater photographer and some of his photos (the above Ghiannis D, Thistlegorm, Turtle and Scorpion Fishpictures) have been kindly donated to this site although his collection can be seen on his own site.

Link to the more photos from our expeditions


Dive No Date Dive Location Dive Time Max Depth Decompression
1 4th April Al Fanos 43mins 14.4m 3@6m
2 4th April Shab Alarg 46mins 13.5m 3@6m
3 4th April Shab Almusk 38mins 13.2m 3@6m
4 5th April Sauol Alkabera 45mins 23.5m 3@6m
5 5th April Ghiannis D 43mins 21.7m 3@6m
6 6th April Thistlegorm, Sha'ab Ali 36mins 30.8m 5@6m
7 6th April Thistlegorm, Sha'ab Ali 37mins 30.4m 10@6m
8 6th April Thistlegorm, Sha'ab Ali 43mins 23.6m 10@6m
9 7th April Sha'ab Ali 52mins 18.7m 3@6m
10 7th April Bluff Point 36mins 26.9m 3@6m
11 7th April Barge at Bluff Point 29mins 15.4m -
12 8th April Little Sauol, Alkabera 51mins 16.5m 3@6m
13 9th April Umm Gamar (mother of the moon) 42mins 44.4m 10@6m
14 9th April Carless Reef 47mins 26.9m 10@6m
15 9th April Small Gifton 50mins 17.4m 10@6m
TOTALS: 6 DAYS 13 locations 638mins / 10.63 hours Avg: 22.5 metres -

More information on the Safaga region of the Red Sea and the Salem Express can be found at the following links:

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